Saturday, 22 August 2015

Final post on this blog. But the Dailies will still continue on my other sites.

Hey guys,

I've been posting here for quite a while. I used this site as a means to time-stamp my work as proof that the 12:00 deadline was kept. Earlier on in the challenge --there were some close-call days where I managed to only upload here on time rather than my deviantART or Tumblr. (Im pretty sure I got 11:59 once, lol...)

While I have no intention of stopping the dailies, and am keeping this site as an archive --I have to upload to 6 different social media outlets every day and blogspot is a bit of a hindrance. Not to mention that I'm running out of space to upload.

If anyone has been following my art on here and would like to continue so, you can check out my daily challenge on the following sites: (goes back all the way to Day 1#)

Thanks for following!!